by Nik Savinich © 2019

1.   The Man Who Cried God                       6:12                         
2.   The Long Good-Bye                              2:54             
3.   Hyperion                                             6:24             
4.   Orphans Of The Helix                            2:04             
5.   Traveling Through The River Tethys        4:28             
6.   Sixth Stage Of Vipasana                         5:35             
7.   God's Grove                                        6:45             
8.   Schrodinger's Cat                                2:19            
9.   Wigner Paradox                                  4:50            
10. Spontaneous Fission                             2:19            


The album as an interpretation of the understanding of the vision of life and fate.
The title tracks are based on the works of Dan Simmons and Roger Zelazny.

To think about my work all the time. My music is my life.
 This new album is a revelation from the individual.
 Some experience from my soul. To diversify my movie music.