Nik Savinich

Nik Savinich


   First of all, it's MUSIC!
Merging styles and directions.
Sub-genre eclecticism.
Stories told with the help of light, video installations, sound noises, melody, harmony, dance, and space created.
Depth and conceptuality.
Natural mysticism and ethnic musical forms, expand the possibilities of perception of the listener and spectator.
 The music of Nik Savinish is attractive with its variety and plot, it is full of life. It's literally watching a movie with an unpredictable turn of events. And it's not just music, but the philosophy of life. Everyone can enjoy the imagery and beauty of music. It gives us thought to nourish not only our feelings, but our mind. You can say this is intellectual music. For gourmets of fine hearing and taste, people seeking a refined taste sensation in everything and even in music. A stream of thoughts of sensations and inspiration.

Time And Sand

music by NIK SAVINICH for movie *Hunters for metal*

Chapter 7_Bit of the Essence

NIK SAVINICH on the stage

SA-TO (Nik Savinich)



MAGIC BELLS by Nik Savinich full album 2017

MAGIC BELLS by Nik Savinich full album 2017

EasyLiving Films starts shooting of short fiction "SMS с небес" starring Oleg Karpenko

mantra of the hope _ Bonus track for the *IT* album

Nik Savinich ACTIVАTED

МОЛИТВЫ ЦАРИЦЫ КУНТИ (director A.Bykov) music by Nik Savinich

BIRMA7 full album by Nik Savinich 2019

BIRMA7 full album by Nik Savinich 2019